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Emergency stock of Disaster and Relief Tents available Immediately are Manufacturers, Supplier & Wholesaler of tents

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About Relief Tents

Relief Tents supply Disaster and Relief Tents to disaster situations on a large scale, worldwide. We always carry large stock of tents which are readily available in emergency situations. Having been in the business for over two decades, we have the expertise and experience to custom design any shape or size tent. Disaster Tents and Relief Tents are manufactured in compliance with international safety standards. We ensure that fabric used in the manufacturing of these tents is of the highest standard and it is manufactured under stringent quality control. We have a wide range of disaster relief tents which are the perfect temporary shelter homes in any natural disaster.

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  • The most general and far-reaching standard package on the market.
  • Specially developed with the medical zone in mind.
  • Upright in just minutes.
  • Remains fully set for a number of days without needing any re-inflation.
  • Easy tent dock with Velcro fastener.
  • Original secure net in the roof area which enables flexibility for attachment of medical equipment
  • Individual marking either on a separate cover or directly onto the tent awning.
  • First aid tent at large events.
  • Operation control center for aid organizations.
  • Medical care tent for large-scale operations.
  • Screening facility for treatment of injuries.
  • Accommodation tent.
  • Emergency accommodation during evacuations.

Our Products

All our products are manufactured from the high end quality material and resources which meets the international standard. Experience a satisfactory tent with us.


Warrior Tents

The Warrior tent is a barrel shaped frame tent with waterproof canvas covers. The warrior tent can be used for various applications such as accommodation, mobile hospitals, kitchen and dining.


Cotton Ridge Tent

This Cotton Ridge Tents are used in humanitarian emergencies. The tent is light and durable and ideal to be used as temporary accommodation for families left homeless in disaster situations.


Emergency Tent

Emergency Tents are often used in humanitarian emergencies, such as war, earthquakes and fire. The primary choice of tents in humanitarian emergencies are canvas tents, because a cotton canvas tent allows functional breath-ability while serving the purpose of temporary shelter.


Hip Roof Tent

A traditional military style tent with freestanding roof, detachable walls, wall poles and centre poles. Hiproof Tents can be used for various applications such as accommodation, diners, kitchen and offices.


Military Tents

Military Tents are often used in humanitarian emergencies, such as war, earthquakes and fire. The primary choice of tents in humanitarian emergencies are Canvas Tents, because cotton canvas tents allows functional breath ability while serving the purpose of Temporary Shelter in disaster situations.

We Focus On Brands, Products & Quality

We guarantee our tent fabric quality. We fully understand the stringent demands in the tent industry and have developed products to meet them. The greatest care goes into manufacturing various tent products. All manufacturing, research & development, conception, design, testing and quality control take place in our factory in Durban & Harrismith. We have both ample skill and knowledge – ensuring all our clients a superior product and the peace of mind that goes with it.

Relief Tents Manufacturers South Africa are specialists in the manufacturing of tents like Safari Bow Tents, Cottage Ridge Tents, Warrior Tents, Hip roof Tents, Luxury Camping Tents, Emergency Tents, Army Tents, Military Tents, Medical Tents, disaster Tents, Relief Tents, Emergency shelter Tents & refugee Tents. When we design our products, we joint years of experience in the Tents industry with concentrated market research to fulfill and set up the exact needs of the consumer.