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Relief Tents supply Disaster and Relief Tents to disaster situations on a large scale, worldwide.  We always carry large stock of tents which are readily available in emergency situations.  Having been in the business for over two decades, we have the expertise and experience to custom design any shape or size tent.  Disaster Tents and Relief Tents are manufactured in compliance with international safety standards.  We ensure that fabric used in the manufacturing of these tents is of the highest standard and it is manufactured under stringent quality control.  We have a wide range of disaster relief tents which are the perfect temporary shelter homes in any natural disaster.

relief tents relief tents

relief tents

Product Specification

HS Code:  30231702
Material:  Cotton Canvas
Pole:  Steel Tube
Dimension:  6×4.8×2
Fabric:  Water-Proof

Basic Info.

Material:  Cotton Canvas
Pole:  Steel Tube
Dimension:  6×4.8×2
Fabric:  Water-Proof
Ground Sheet:  PE
Layer:  Single
Export Markets:  Global

Product Description

1) big size to hold many person
2) strong steel frame
3) firm and durable
4) more portability
5) Material: 400G/M2 polyester/cotton canvas Waterproof with olive green
6) Pole: Steel tube Dia25*1.2mm Dia19*1mm
7) Dimension: 6×4.8×3/2
8) Package: CBM: 0.25M3 G. W: 100KGS 100PCS/20′ 200PCS/40′
Tent walls, ceilings and floors are constructed from a variety of fabrics, such as nylon, polyester, laminates and canvas. Canvas is a heavy, plain-woven fabric typically made from cotton, hemp or a blend. Nylon fabric is a lightweight, silky material made from nylon fibres, a synthetic polymer. Canvas and nylon each offer different benefits. Which type is best depends on how you plan to use your tent.


Canvas and nylon are both strong, durable fabrics. Canvas is more durable than nylon. Canvas can be easily be mended with a sewing kit, while nylon requires a special repair patch. The heavy thread in canvas resists letting rips grow larger. While regular nylon fabric rips easily, rips top nylon uses a special weave to stop rips from growing. Canvas may rot if not cared for properly.


Cotton breathes much better than nylon, keeping the interior humidity level with the outside. Nylon tents may allow condensation to form on the walls and depend on mesh panels to provide ventilation. Canvas does not transfer heat as quickly as nylon, keeping the tent interior cooler in warm weather and warmer when it is cool outside. A nylon tent can become unbearably hot very quickly in direct sunlight.

Water Resistance

Nylon is naturally water resistant and is often coated to make it waterproof. Nylon fibers do not rot, so storing a wet nylon tent will not damage it. However, nylon tents should be thoroughly dried before storing because mildew can still form on the surface. Cotton fibers are very absorbent and susceptible to rot. Water absorbed by the canvas can make it very heavy. Canvas may be coated to improve its water resistance.


Nylon fabric is a light and airy material originally designed to replace natural silk. Canvas is woven from thick fibers to give it strength and durability, making canvas much heavier than nylon. In wet conditions, canvas absorbs water, making it even heavier. The pole structure used for canvas tents is heavier and more bulky than the lightweight poles used in nylon tents.

Other Features

Cotton and hemp are natural, renewable materials that are biodegradable, and thus ultimately better for the environment. Nylon is typically a synthetic, no biodegradable material manufactured from non-renewable petroleum products. Most canvas tents use a rigid-pole structure, which is heavier and more difficult to setup than the flexible-pole dome structures used by most nylon tents. Nylon tents pack into a smaller space and many can be stuffed into a compression sack to make a compact bundle.


  • – In some countries approval is needed to set up a tent larger than 75 m2.
  • -The owner of the tent has the sole responsibility to make sure that these local rules are followed and that the mounting is correct.
  • -In case of bad weather conditions, it is your responsibility to ensure that people inside are safe and that the tent does not cause damage to others.
  • -Do not use open fire, welding equipment or other ignition sources in the tent. Though the fabric is made of flame retardant material it can still burn.
  • -It is always recommended that you secure your tent properly with safety straps and augers when you put up the structure.
  • -We recommend you to insure the tent, or check if it is covered by home contents insurance, in case of unplanned events, accidents or bad weather.
  • -Tents are meant as temporary shelter and must be evacuated under extreme weather conditions.

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The most general and far-reaching standard package on the market.
Specially developed with the medical zone in mind.
Upright in just minutes.
Remains fully set for a number of days without needing any re-inflation.
Easy tent dock with Velcro fastener.
Original secure net in the roof area which enables flexibility for attachment of medical equipment
Individual marking either on a separate cover or directly onto the tent awning.
First aid tent at large events.
Operation control center for aid organizations.
Medical care tent for large-scale operations.
Screening facility for treatment of injuries.
Accommodation tent.
Emergency accommodation during evacuations. are Manufacturers, Supplier & Wholesaler of tents. Buy tents for sale online like Safari Bow Tents, Cottage Ridge Tents, Warrior Tents, Hip roof Tents, Luxury Camping Tents, Emergency Tents, Army Tents, Military Tents, Medical Tents, disaster Tents, Relief Tents, Emergency shelter Tents & refugee Tents We supply tents to countries like South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Swaziland, Namibia, Nigeria, Lesotho, Mozambique, Kenya and Botswana.



-Military green,

-Sand and Howard green


- Canvas material is 100% waterproof and rot proof.